Paypal Send & Receive

Please note, this service is only available in Egypt

Sending money via Paypal = 5% commission
Receiving money via Paypal = 10% commission
Transfer money to the bank and to your personal account after 30 days of receiving money from PayPal
Any transfer fees to the customer through the bank are deducted from the customer himself through the funds transferred to him and are not deducted from our commission

* We do not ask for refunds once they have been paid via PayPal
You must be sure that the transactions are safe and not suspicious so that the transaction is not rejected, and perhaps the amount paid is not refunded again.
We do not transfer money to you through the bank except after making sure of the integrity of these processes for transferring to us on our PayPal accounts, so the money may be transferred to you via the bank within a period of 30 days up to 45 days.

* Please note that this service does not include the server services that we provide to you through our website
If you have the desire to book our servers and pay by PayPal, you will have to receive the server after 30 days of payment through PayPal, and you must pay in advance to renew the servers that you have booked with us