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Terms & Privcy
* It is forbidden to host harmful files on servers or use these files against any other servers. It is also forbidden to use servers to use them in any files that contain copyrights of other people or companies without written consent.

* We are reseller for hosting servers and offer different payment services to clients. For new clients, the amount paid can be refunded within 3 days in case the service did not impress the client. This is in the case of VPS server clients. The rule is to recover the amount paid, even if part of the amount.

*If the customer is late in paying the requested service, the customer will be suspended from the service. And all the services we have subscribed to until the payment for the renewal of the service is paid with the payment of a delay fine. If you do not want to renew the server, please send a request to cancel the service 30 days before its end.



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